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Price: $69.00

NewsTrader2 – is the expert advisor developed for metatrader 4 ( It could run expert advisor to trade news events using straddle strategy. The main features of the NewsTrader2 are:

  • Automatic trading the important news events;
  • Tickless trading – mean that expert will not miss any programmed events even if broker will not give tick on trading symbol;
  • Time accuracy up to 1 second;
  • Support magic number, so the expert will not touch your existing orders;
  • Abilities to program events at specific date;
  • Trader can custom program up to 4 news events to trade;
  • Could be program only sell stop order, only buy stop order or both;
  • Breakeven protection and trailing stop;
  • Alert features on e-mail;
  • Money management;
  • Display events;

1.System requirements.

The expert could run on any platforms that are based on the Metatrader 4. Metatrader 3 is not supported. Ask you broker if it support Metatrader 4.

Broker requirements:
Ability to trade during news events;
Here it the some list of brokers, that support Metatrader 4:

Admiral Investments and Securities Ltd.
Alpari Ltd.
APEX FX Trading
Bull Trend Brokerage
EuroForex Development LLC.
Financial Network Worldwide Ltd.
FinMarket Ltd.
Forex Global Investment LLC
Forex Ltd.
FX-Pro Ltd.
IC Vector Securities Ltd.
Inforex Introducing Broker
Integral Bank
Interbank FX
Jaguars Investment LLC
Joy Financial Group
KVB Kunlun New Zealand Limited
Lefco Bank
Man Financial (S) Pte Ltd
MIG Investments Group LLC
Orion Global Financial Services
Performance Forex GmbH
Real Trade Ltd.
STS Finance SC
Teletrade D.J. International Consulting Ltd.
The Commercial Group, Inc.
X-Trade Sp. z o.o.


After downloading you should copy the expert to your expert’s folder. It usually looks like:

C:\Program Files\Metatrader\experts. Then you should restart metatrader. NewsTrader2 expert now should be present in your experts list.


To run expert simple drag the expert on the chart you would like to trade and analyze. Refer to the documentation of Metatrader 4 section ‘Auto Trading’ for more information.

Here are the parameters used in the expert:

  • Trading_Parameters
  • TimeZone = 0 – default time of news events is GMT. Use this to change hour of event to match chart time settings. It is offset time from GMT and your broker time. For example, if time broker is 15:00 and GMT time is 12:00
  • TradeTime1 = "10:30" – time or date for trading news. The time is GMT. If it is only hour and seconds, the expert will trade everyday. It could also be set as “2006.08.06 08:30”. In this case the expert will initiate trading only at specific date. If TradeTime1=”” then it will not used;
  • TradeTime2 = "14:30" – the same as TradeTime1;
  • TradeTime3 = "" – the same as TradeTime1;
  • TradeTime4 = "" – the same as TradeTime1;
  • StopLoss1 = 8 – stoploss in setting orders for TradeTime1;
  • TakeProfit1 = 20 – take profit in setting orders for TradeTime1;
  • TrailingStop1 = 15 – trailing stop for opened orders for TradeTime1;
  • BreakEven1 = 8 – if the orders are in profit of BreakEven value, stoploss is moved to open price.
  • BuyDelta1 = 8 – pips for adding to ASK price to set up BUY STOP order for TradeTime1;
  • SellDelta1 = 8 – pips for subtract from BID price to set up SELL STOP order. for TradeTime1;
  • SetSeconds1 = 30 – how many seconds before news out we should initiate setting orders. for TradeTime1;
  • CancelSeconds1 = 30 – how many seconds wait to cancel orders after news events passed. for TradeTime1;
  • SetSell1 = true – if it is true – expert will set SELL STOP orders, otherwise it will not set for TradeTime1;
  • SetBuy1 = true – if it is true – expert will set BUY STOP orders, otherwise it will not set for TradeTime1;
  • Slippage = 1 – slippage in setting orders. In most cased should stay default.
  • MM_Parameters = "---------- Money Management";
  • Lots = 0.1 – trading lot if MM = 0;
  • MM = true – if it is true than trading lot will be calculated based on the margin and Risk value;
  • AccountIsMini = true – Use mini-account or not. If it is false, the trading lot will be as 1, 2, 3 …. If it is true, trading lot will be as 0.1, 0.2, 0.3;
  • Risk = 20 – risk in percent to calculate trading lot. As stoploss is very tight, it could be from 20 to 30;
  • Others_Parameters = "---------- Others Parameters";
  • TradeLog = "NewsTrader2Log" – file for log. Used for debug purpose.
  • LockingTime=90 – lock time in seconds before actual setting orders to support tickles and accuracy trading. For example, if you set up the TradeTime1=”15:30” and SetSeconds=30 the expert will be locked at 15:30:30-90 seconds. During locking time you cannot change any parameters of the expert;

The price include expert advisor without source code and has no time limitations.


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