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Price: $130.00

The strategy.
The BreakoutMA strategy was developed to work on flat, but also it works well on the trend market conditions. It is very reliable, with low risk and used for intraday trading. Original strategy was published by well known russian trader from www.finlist.ru. However, it does not give you a lot of profit per day, but just say – every day 10-20 points – is not bad? The strategy works on the 1H timeframe. It could work on any symbol, but most preffered are:

EURUSD, USDCHF, GBPUSD. By the strategy the maximum trades per day are 2. For riskless trading it is recommended 6000$-7000$ deposit for trading by 1 lot. Here are the rules of the strategy:

For Buy (for Sale - on the contrary):

  • Waiting for cross candles (by any part) by simple moving average with period 20 (this parameter, the period of moving average, and also its type, can be changed by you during testing);
  • When it occurs, we put buying stop above this candle, selling - below. (On a real trading it used a protective interval of 3 points, so buystop order is set above High + 3 pips + spread, sellstop - Low - 3 pips. However you also can change it).
  • After opening a position we setup limit order (Take Profit) at a level of the previous local High, closer with 3 pips to the price of opening. Definition of this local High - a subjective element, however, them usually perfectly is visible. Another pending SellStop order is used as Stop and Reverse.
  • After the candle has closed and the position was not closed, we move stoploss on the last candle. The important thing – the stoploss moved only when Low of candles is below of moving average (when Buy) or High is above (when sale). If the candle "has completely left" the moving average - stop is not moving then!
  • the target is not reached up to the end of trading session, we close a position "by the market " not looking on the price. The end of trading session is 20:00GMT.
  • After stop and reverse (pending SellStop order) has triggered we move Take Profit, which will compensate the previous loss, but not far from the level defined by the previous local minimum. It is important to handle all such signals. Not all day and night, certainly, and if you work, for example, with 7GMT up to 20GMT, then every hour you will need to make an decision. At 18GMT we removed stop and reverse order if we have opened position and don’t set any pending orders, and at 20GMT delete and close all opened and pending orders.

Below is an example of one trading day October 13, 2005

The first of all we need to determine Local Low and Local High. It is determine by trader. On the following example the LocalLow=1.1979 and LocalHigh=1.2117.

The time on the chart is GMT+1, so at 9:00 the moving average has crossed the candle. We are waiting for candle to be closed. After that at 10:00 we put two pending orders with the following parameters:
1. BuyStop at 1.2091 + 3 pips + 4 (spread)=1.2097, StopLoss=1.2067, TakeProfit=1.2117 – 3 pips=1.2114
2. SellStop at 1.2067 – 3 pips = 1.2064, StopLoss=1.2091+4 (spread)=1.2095, TakeProfit=1.1979 – 3 pips – 4 (spread)=1.1970

After the SellStop order has triggered we have to move TakeProvit of the BuyStop order to compensate loss that can occur by stoploss of Sell order. So we have moved the TakeProfit of BuyStop order from 1.2114 to 1.2128 (1.2097+31 pips – stoploss of the Sell order, that has triggered).

So at the close of candle (10:00) we have the following:

1. BuyStop 1.2097, StopLoss=1.2067, TakeProfit=1.2128
2. Sell 1.2064, StopLoss=1.2095, TakeProfit=1.1970

As moving average still crossing the candle, we should modify all orders accordantly. After modified we have the following orders:

1. BuyStop 1.2083 + 3 pips + 4 (spread)= 1.2090, StopLoss=1.2050, TakeProfit=(1.2090+23pips)=1.2113
2. Sell 1.2064, StopLoss=1.2083 + 4(spread)=1.2087, TakeProfit=1.1970

After that moving average not crossing candles anymore, so we don’t move any orders.

At 18:00GMT we have deleted BuyStop order by rule. And at 20:00GMT we have closed the Sell order at price: 1.2031 + 4(spread)=1.2035.

The profit for that day is: 1.2064-1.2035=29 pips.

As above example you will see that you need every hour to be near trading terminal and make all calculations. For that purpose was created an expert advisor for Metatrader 4 that fully makes all work for trader. It can run in fully automatic mode or half automatic. Here is the description of the parameters:

  • LocalLow=0 - Local Low, should be entered every day if trading in half automatic mode. Valid only if BuyTakeProfit=0 and SellTakeProfit=0. If it set to zero, than expert will calculate the latest Low.
  • LocalHigh=0 - Local High, should be entered every day if trading in half automatic mode. Valid only if BuyTakeProfit=0 and SellTakeProfit=0. If it set to zero, than expert will calculate the latest High.
  • BuyTakeProfit=20 - Take profit in pips for Buy order. If it is set to zero than target is calculated by LocalHigh value;
  • SellTakeProfit=20 - Take profit in pips for Sell order. If it is set to zero than target is calculated by LocalLow value;
  • Lots=1 - trading lot;
  • MinCandlePips=11 - Minimal length in pips of candle, when the expert will trade.
  • DeltaStop=3 - Protective interval in pips;
  • MaxCandlePips=20 - Maximal length in pips of candle, when the expert will trade.
  • BreakEven=11 - BreakEven value to protect profit. If it is set to zero, than it will turn it off;
  • TrailingStop=0 - Fixed trailing stop. If it is set to zero, than it will turn it off;
  • TrailingStep=5 - Trailing step for TrailingStop value;
  • UseAlert=0 - If it is set to 1, then the expert will alert you when MA crossed the candle;
  • StartHour=7 - Hour to begin trading, in GMT;
  • StartMinute=0 - Minute to begin trading, in GMT;
  • ExitHour=21 - Hour to close positions, in GMT;
  • ExitMinute=0 - Minute to close positions, in GMT;
  • EndHour=18 - Hour to stop trading, in GMT;
  • EndMinute=0 - Minute to stop trading, in GMT;
  • GMT_Offset=1 - GMT offset time for metatrader, if it is set to zero, than use metatrader time;
  • Slippage=3 - Max slippage in set orders;
  • PeriodMA=20 - Period of moving average;
  • DeletePending=1 - If it =1, than don’t delete pending orders at EndHour;
  • SetOrders=1 - If it =1, than expert will set orders, if it =0, than will only modify existing orders;

Some recommendations:

MaxCandlePips will determine the stoploss for the orders, so the higher value for MaxCandlePips – the higher risk. Recommended values from 15 to 35;

You can set up LocalLow and LocalHigh from the DowJones news as a band for current day;

It is not recommended to trade if you can see that moving average crossing candles more than 3 times.

It is not recommended to use BreakEven=11, but if you feel, that market is unstable – always use it.

Also, some brokers does not allow to set orders closer to 10 pips with current price. In this case the expert will enter market without pending orders if price is closer than 10 pips.

The price includes source code of the expert.


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