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Price: $30.00

The system was developed as the advisor for work in the market Forex for currency pair EURUSD. The time interval on which works the advisor - H1. The advisor works on trading platform Metatrader and well itself has recommended at work on real accounts. Tests for histories completely coincide with tests for real accounts (+-2i). It allows to arrange parameters of system for work in the fluid market.
Here you can see the live results of TrendTrader online running.

- Automatic / manual setting stop loss
- Regulation risk of operations
- A filtration of signals. It allows to not open against long time trend
- An opportunity to add positions
- Unique trailing stop loss
- An opportunity to detect flat
- Stopping work when with achievement of the minimal balance
- Alert system of all operations on mobile devices with SMS

Possibilities of the system

If you work on the forex market you know what place has the psychological factor of the person. To achieve stability of work on the Forex market years and years of work first of all above themselves are necessary. To avoid influence of the psychological factor this trading mechanical system has been written. In a basis of work of this system the algorithm which is used in indicator TrendTrader is incorporated. In more details about work of this indicator it is possible to read here. Given trading mechanical system TrendTrader is 100 % completely independent, that is works without intervention of the person. MTS uses a set of independently designed indicators to define and confirm a trend, and also the moments of his change. MTS grasp search trend at the moment of his early stage, and never passes the big movement. Even when you are not present on the market, MTS watches every second the market and in time opens/closes a position. Time of day as if it is day or night is not important for it - it works. Trend is not a trend while movement did not begin. Therefore MTS as well as any other tool ,be not capable to find out a point, at the moment of its formation. MTS operates on the facts (being based on position of the market existing at present), instead of on assumptions (that the market should or can make). Optimum stops provide the big flexibility for an input / output, a repeated input, pyramiding.

Principle of work

The trend-watching is put in a basis of work of MTS indicator TrendTrader which, by an objective estimation of many, on the order surpasses the majority, traders known to the broad audience and discussed, trading systems. Important and his most attractive feature is that it does not pass any trend, i.e. practically on each movement it is possible to receive profit. At a strong trend, helps to remain in it up to the end.On the historical data, you can check up work of MTS for any period, such as " Black Monday " 1987. MTS were defined with necessity of sale for ten days, previous to " Black Monday " 1987, than could provide exclusive profit! Besides the system is still added with the filter which does not allow to open a position in case of opening against long time trend.


The system was tested on history and on real accounts and shows perfect results. The best results we was on EURUSD and timeframe H1 with default parameters. A little worth results where on GBPUSD and USDCHF.

The results of testing on EURUSD H1 from 01.02.2004.

Performance report
Initial deposit500.00
Spread4 points
Model"spread/2 points"
Total net profit1231.00
Gross profit3637.00
Gross loss2406.00

Total trades145
Winning trades80
Losing trades65
Largest winning trade200.00
Largest losing trade50.00

Max consecutive winners5 (216.00)
Max consecutive losers5 (199.00)
Avg consecutive winners2
Avg consecutive losers2
Max consecutive profit254.00 (3)
Max consecutive loss199.00 (5)

Absolute drawdown0.00
Max drawdown266.00 (18.4%)


  • Risk(5) - risk of operations;
  • Dist(25) - distance in pips when setting stop orders;
  • ProfitZero(35) - when position will have the ProfitZero profit or more, then we move stoploss at open price;
  • StayOrder(18000) - life time of stop orders in sec. When StayOrder=0 - unlimited life time;
  • Distance(3600) - minimal time when adding positions to currently open position. Works only if AddPos=1;
  • UseFilter(0) - to use or not internal filter;
  • AddPos(1) - add on no to add positions. Works only if UseFilter=1;
  • AutoTS(1) - if AutoTS=1, then we use intellectual trailing stop. If AutoTS=0 and Trailing stop=0 - trailing is off. If Trailing stop<>0, then will work standard trailing stop.;
  • AlertSMS(1) - to use or not SMS alert system;
  • AudibleAlert(0) - to use or not audible alert;
  • Patr(9) - period of ATR for calculating intellectual trailing stop;
  • kts(4) - number, which define how close trailing will be at price. The smaller value - the closest to the price. Recommended value are: (1.5-4);
  • OpBar(0) - when 0, signal for openning position will appear on current bar. If equal 1 - then on previous bar;
  • ClBar(0) - when 0, signal for closing position will appear on current bar. If equal 1 - then on previous bar;
  • Pslow(54), n1slow(9),n2slow(49) - periods for calculating long time trend;
  • Pfast(9), n1fast(9),n2fast(49) - periods for calculating short time trend;
  • Slippage(5) - number of slippage;
  • Mbalance(200) - minimal deposit when advisor keeps working;
  • AlertHour(21) - the hour when we send statistics by alert system;
  • MyYear(2004) - year of testing ;
  • MyMonth(1) - month of testing;
  • Stoploss(50) - if stop loss equal 0, then we use automatic set of stop loss.

You will get 1 month license.


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