Here you can find some usefull expert advisors for metatrader.

Finally, the download process is successfully completed and if you have downloaded ZIP-compressed archive (PC files that have been compressed have a ".zip" extension) you must follow four steps in order to use it:

  • Copy it into an empty directory.
  • Decompress it (using WinZip ).  
  • Install it by copying *.mql file to Experts directory of installed MetaTrader. The path to copy looks something like that:
    ..\Program Files\MetaTrader\experts\indicators
  • Next you need to start your MetaTrader and to see in Custom Indicators. There you can find new indicator. Add it to your graphics and start to test or use the indicator.

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BreakoutMATrader BreakoutMATrader
The BreakoutMA strategy was developed to work on flat, but also it works well on the trend market conditions. It is very reliable, with low risk and used for intraday trading.
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ChannelTrader ChannelTrader
ChannelTrader trades on channel limits and work great in trend condition market. Works well on EURUSD and GBPUSD on H4 timeframe. The price is for 1 month license.
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ChaosTrader ChaosTrader
The expert implements all the five rules from Bill Williams in his "New Trading Dimensions, How to Profit from Chaos in Stocks, Bonds and Commodities".
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EasyDayTrader EasyDayTrader
The main concept on running this expert is to use previous day Hi, Low. The best results shows on the GBPUSD symbol and can earn about 100% profit per year! The package includes source code for both Metatrader 3 and Metatrader 4 platform.
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HedgeTrader HedgeTrader
The expert is trading on two symbols at the same time to hedge and reduce risk. Used when risk has to be very low.
Product Details

InterBreakout InterBreakout
InterBreakout – is the revolutionary trading system that could work in flat or trend market.
Product Details

NewsTrader NewsTrader
The expert advisor for work after trading news for Metatrader has been written for simplification of work of the trader to the period an output of the important news.
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NewsTrader2 NewsTrader2
NewsTrader2 – is the expert advisor developed for metatrader 4 ( It could run as expert advisor to trade news events using straddle strategy.
Product Details

TradeCopier TradeCopier
The TradeCopier was developed to copy trades from one trading account to another in real time.
Product Details

TrendTrader TrendTrader
The system was developed as the advisor for work in the market Forex for currency pair EURUSD. The time interval on which works the advisor - H1. The advisor works on trading platform Metatrader and well itself has recommended at work on real accounts.
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